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Car Air Conditioning

  • Servicing
  • A/C de-odourising
  • Re-gas

Under The Bonnet Ltd offers an air conditioning re-gassing and servicing for only £30.00 per vehicle on any make and any model. For just an extra £20.00 the air conditioning system can be fully de-odourised.

Car air-conditioning systems are complex units and require servicing at less than 18 month intervals. This servicing removes contaminants that build up during use, such as dirt, air or water. The refrigerant that is responsible for effective a/c can be lost at a rate of up to 20% through evaporation. This is especially noticeable after the winter months when most drivers have turned the system off.

You’re a/c unit will need servicing and re-gassing if you notice that;

  • the interior doesn’t cool at the rate it used to
  • the air that is produced is not cold
  • the windows mist quickly
  • there is a bad odour emanating when the a/c unit is on

Under The Bonnet performs a detailed service and re-gas to ensure that you’re a/c unit works efficiently and keeps you cool through the summer months. Specifically, the service we offer carries out the following operations;

  • the a/c refrigerant is analysed to check that it is not contaminated
  • all components of the system are checked that they are working properly
  • the system pressure ranges are assessed
  • the coolant temperature of the system is evaluated
  • the refrigerant is completely removed and weighed for losses
  • the system is pressurised to ensure that there are no leaks
  • the system is then fully vacuumed to remove air and moisture
  • the system is lubricated with oil
  • the correct amount of manufacturer specified refrigerant is loaded back in to the system
  • the system is re-checked for output temperature

Please phone or email us to book your car in now.