The first indication that you have a potential problem with your car is often a warning light on your dashboard. And when these various symbols light up the best approach is usually to pull over and consult the manual to see what the light means. These symbols are difficult to decipher anyway but to actually get to the root of the problem you really need to run a full diagnostics check which should pinpoint the issue exactly.

However, in our experience many drivers try and ignore the lights hoping that the problem will go away because they are too worried about what the cost of repair might be. At Under The Bonnet we will be happy to connect your car to our car diagnostics computer and check your car and, unlike most other garages we do not charge for this service. This can be a huge saving over dealerships and even other independents who can charge anything from £20 to £100 just to plug in their machine. In many instances the problem can be corrected simply by resetting the on-board computer – and if this is the case, there will be absolutely no charge to you! We believe strongly that car diagnostics is simply a part of identifying the problem and that the customer should not be paying for this.

If you would like to take advantage of this service and bring your car in to our Northampton branch for a free diagnostics check by one of our mechanics, please contact us on 01604 499790 to arrange a convenient time.


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